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Concrete Lifting

Getting Foundation Repairs in David City, NE

Get professional assistance for your foundation repairs from Scrib’s Moving & Heavy Hauling. Serving David City, NE, and the entire Midwest, we provide a wide variety of specialized services, including concrete lifting, for both commercial and residential property owners. There are many reasons why concrete lifting can help during your commercial or home foundation repairs. With our experience, top-of-the-line equipment, and dedication to quality, you can count on us to complete every job safely and efficiently.

barn raised to fix concrete foundation

How Slabjacking Can Make a Difference

If you’re relocating your entire home or business, it’s important that you have a solid foundation before the move. It’s common for older structures to have foundational issues, including cracks, sagging, and sinking. If you’re dealing with this situation—don’t worry. We work with a wide variety of concrete contractors in the area who are specialized in performing foundation repairs. We’ll prepare your foundation through concrete lifting, or slabjacking, which will prevent costly damage before your relocation. 

Don’t Ignore Foundation Problems

Relocations are not possible without foundation repairs. A foundation, like the name suggests, is your home’s main support system. If it’s damaged, you can experience many issues, including wall cracks, gaps, uneven floors, and an uptick in leaks—it can also make relocations more dangerous. It’s crucial that you take advantage of foundation repairs soon rather than later. If you’re not sure what to do to fix your issue, you can trust us to find your solution. We know many trusted concrete contractors in the area who can help you. 

boat structure lifted to repair foundation
  • Save money with concrete lifting. This type of service will make it easier to provide faster repairs that will ultimately cost you less than an entire demolition and rebuild.
  • Benefit from a stress-free commercial or home foundation repair when you choose our team. We’ll not only help you find a concrete contractor, but we’ll also coordinate with them to ensure the entire repair process is completed on time.
  • Make your relocation easier with concrete lifting services. We have the equipment needed to keep the process as safe as possible.
  • Get help with your foundation repairs. We’re happy to perform inspections to determine if concrete lifting is the right solution for you.

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